Saturday, 25 June 2011

Cygnet Lantern Festival

On a whim, I went to the Cygnet Lantern Festival tonight. The atmosphere was fantastic and had a great time, talking to my new housemate Kerry. I did get lost though -- too busy talking to mind the road, and ended up driving through the scenic route. It meant driving for an hour and a half, through bendy roads, and missing the parade. But the conversation was great, so it didn't matter.

We were there just in time to catch the shadow puppet show (that was brilliant) and the bollywood dance.  But the thing that stole my heart tonight were the lanterns.  They came in all shapes and sizes, from jars to milk cartons, to elaborate owls perched on branches, to egg-carton spiked dinosaurs.

The festival ended with the lighting of a bonfire.  That fire was great!  A large, yet cute cygnet was sitting on top of a pile of wood.  Two fantastically dressed torch bearers carried the torch to the cygnet, to the sound of drums, and soon, the bird was on fire.  It burnt brilliantly, the fire was roaring.  It was so warm, and the night was still.  I could have stared at it for hours.

We then found the maker's market -- oh wow, I didn't know that there's a book making workshops here.  I've recently been following this person on facebook for a little while.  Her books are nothing like normal books! I reckon her workshops would be a blast to go to.  On another note, I am going to bid like mad for this little prize.  Three more days -- wish me luck!

Dinner was a cup of delicious and veggie filled soup and some pretty amazing sourdough bread, courtesy of Cygnet!  But that wasn't quite enough, so in piggy fashion, we trundled to the Red Velvet Lounge.  Our choice of food was some what strange: a bowl of old school chips, a cup of coffee and a plum claufoutis.  One lesson learnt, do not mix chips and coffee -- they really don't go well together.  The waiter's strange look was fully justified.  With full bellies and a memories of a wonderful night, we made our way back home in the dark, sans scenic route.  Victory! 

It is late, and I have to make pasta tomorrow morning.  So a few more images, and good night :)


  1. Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing what sounds and looks like a lovely evening!

    BTW, love your blog name! Keep up the great work! Cindy