Monday, 13 June 2011

Spicy Gingerbread


I have a confession to make...

I bought books from Amazon.  All 5 of them, in one go.  While I've never been an avid book buyer, I do enjoy browsing through a book shop, and liked the idea of supporting local businesses.  With the rising dollar, it was difficult to resist the temptation of buying over the web.

The straw that broke the camel's back was Heidi Swanson's new book.  I've been following her blog, 101cookbooks, for a number of years now and on the eve of her new book's launch, I finally took the plunge and gave Amazon a visit, with purchasing intentions.  A dangerously few clicks later, the Tartine bakery book, and the Tartine Bread book also found its way into my shopping cart, and my first book order was placed.

There was a bit of guilt, but it soon evaporated when the books arrived a few weeks later.  I returned home one night to find a brown package waiting at the door.  That was it -- I was glued to the books for the rest of the night.  I was even taking them to work to read during lunch.  Let's just say, I was a little anti-social that week.

Ready for the oven

I've been pouring over the Tartine bread book, and have made a quite a few batches of sourdoughs (but that's for another post!), and have cooked a lunch with my friend Andrea using Heidi's books.  The only book I'm yet to cook from was the Tartine bakery book -- full of sweets and pastries by Elizabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson, and I was itching to make something out of it.

Just like the salted chocolate cookies, you'll also need to refrigerate it overnight.  I don't think the spice could have been so pronounced without the resting period.  It's not a shy cookie -- it's all about the spice.  There were tablespoons of ginger and cinnamon and even pepper.  Oh, how I love freshly ground pepper (that, and the smell of freshly ground coffee are things I can never get tired of.)  Definitely something to perk you up at morning tea. 

The gingerbread was toothsome without being chewy and the icing on top gives a lovely sugary crunch as you bite into it.   It's not overly sweet either, which makes it perfect to snack on.  I think I'll have to make a few more batches and learn to make them properly though!

Gingerbread with bonus glaze

One exciting news!  I'm going to the Agrarian Kitchen, for the Pastry 101 class this weekend, taken by the one and only Alistair Wise of Sweet Envy (it's definitely the best and cutest pastry shop in Hobart).  A spot came up a few weeks ago, and I snapped it up within a few minutes (much to the shock and horror of Severine!)  I have a feeling the next post will be all about croissants, and all kinds of delightful baked goods.

[Edit: since posting this, the Australian has published this article.]

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