Friday, 22 July 2011

Ridgeline Pottery

I went for an excursion on Wednesday to visit Peta, a fellow classmate from the secret of sourdough class.  Peta and her husband run the Ridgeline Pottery in Sandford, just a short drive from Hobart.  Getting there was a little challenging.  I was too deep in conversation to pay attention to house numbers on the road!

When we eventually got there, I couldn't help but admire the house.  It was a long structure, stretching parallel to the water, with huge glass windows running throughout the building.  Even though it rained
intermittently we could see the coastline and rain clouds slowly sweeping over us.  The view was spectacular.  

We were welcomed with some lovely nutty shortbread and hot coffee.  Served on shell marked plates, and mugs that were lovely to hold.

We were introduced to Ben's work by watching a short video Ben had produced.  I now have a completely new appreciation of pottery.  Each piece is connected to Tasmania.  Everything is collected by hand, from clays to stones to branches and grasses.  The act of digging up the earth, to take something away that has been in the making for millions of years and turn it into art, is incredibly humbling.

We got to see the workshop too, and found clay speckled aprons, stained notebooks with sketches, and pieces waiting for its day in the kiln.  It was great to be shown their creative space, and can't help but be inspired.

I bought a few small piece: a cup for a friend, a few plates for myself, and buttons for my next project.

Thank you for showing us your home and your art Peta.

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