Sunday, 14 August 2011

A photograph

I went for a drive down to Cygnet with a friend today.  The destination was the Lotus Eaters Cafe. It was an impromptu visit, inspired by the morning sun.

A few months ago, I took a picture of a teapot ashtray.  The owners liked the photograph, so I made a print for them as a gift.  My first print, from the tens of thousands of photos I have taken.  Giselle said she'll frame it, and the next time I visit it should be up on the wall.

And so today, I went for a visit.  As I entered the cafe.  I searched for a little while and there it was, on the left.

My photograph, on somebody else's wall.

I paused and stare at it for a moment, marveling at the magic of it all, not quite believing it was real.  I can't remember if I breathed.  Maybe a sigh of relief, perhaps.

The friend who told me about the Giselle just happened to be in the cafe, having a late lunch.  What coincidence and who could have planned this?

The frame was made by a local gallery owner.  It was simple, a thin black rim and with white board surrounding the picture.  A frame made just this photograph.  It has a loving home now, and a purpose for its existence. 

We then sat down by the big window with a view of the main road and we had lunch, and cake and some tea.  There was a plate of beautiful flowers and lemon on our table, and I couldn't help but take a few more photos.  I'm not sure what the flowers were, camellias maybe.  We used to have a tree at home, down by the side, just before the gate to the backyard.  It would bloom with delicate pink flowers like these.

I had some chai and a mushroom tart with the most amazing salad dressing.  My friend had a slice of pear frangipani and a pot of tea.  The frangipani was fragrant and sweet, with a crunchy sugary top.    Two more friends joined us soon after, and the four of us chatted over more cakes and coffees.  One of us had a little "performance" outside the cafe, on the other side of the window.  He had us in stitches :)

But it was getting late and it was time to go.  I said goodbye to a friend heading back home overseas and got big bear hugs as I reached up tip toed.  Not an easy farewell, but it was great to have been able to share this moment with some special friends.

Sometimes it's good not to plan :)

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