Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Loire Valley & Nice

My sister and I spent 3 days cycling around the Loire valley on a few hot sunny days.  The French country side was beautiful, full of sunflowers and corn, and tree laden with autumn fruit.  I cannot deny it wasn't hard work, especially on "awesome bikes" that squeaked and a rather "hilarious" start, but it was well worth it.  Some fond memories include riding through the hunting fields of kings and buying sweet apples and pears from a cute little old lady along the bike trail.

We had spent time looking at chateaus throughout the trip: Fougeres-sur-Bievre, Cheverny and Chaumont.  Here's some of my favourite photos from those few days: a cat lazily sleeping at the chateau; abandoned rooms converted to showcase modern stain glass works; the main bridge in Amboise over the Loire river, a photo taken by my sister Jenny.

After our adventure in the Loire Valley, we took a long train trip down south, to Nice, right by the coast.  I dipped my feet in the Mediterranean Sea for the first time ever.  The beach was just full of rocks though, but hilariously, they've decked out a rectangular section on the beach with sand.  It looks really odd and makes me appreciate our beach a lot more.

Nice is an old city, and I especially like the Old Nice part of town.  It's full of little shops and bars in little alleyways and steps that seems to have been there forever.  Little French windows on brightly colours walls, and occasionally, laundry and sheets would be hung out from these windows.  A flower and produce market runs everyday, and we saw some beautiful courgette flowers, beef heart tomatoes and berries in little paper trays.  I've also had the best ice cream ever: lavender ice cream.  It was really delicate and refreshing, just what we needed after walking around on a hot day!  And to end our day, we saw an busker belting out Nessun Dorma at the top of his voice, unamplified, pure, and amazing.  

I have booked La Merenda for dinner on Friday night, thanks to the @food_tourist!  I'm really looking forward to some great food :)  

Four more days before I start my long walk, and I can't wait to begin.


  1. Your photos are a beautiful celebration of your travels. Good luck with the walk