Thursday, 6 October 2011

Camino de Santiago, more from week 2

At the cross upon a small hill, just after Atapuerca.

The Meseta, the soulless plateaus.  There was miles and miles and miles of farmland, and this was the first tree I had seem for hours.

Dinner by candle light at Saint Nicholas, a restored 13th century church decked out with 12 bunk beds.  We've had 13 guests that night, Rico from Germany walked in late in the afternoon, and Mariam offered to sleep on the floor instead.  That sums up the Camino for me :)  Generous, helpful people all the way.

Leaving Saint Nicholas the next morning, guided by a lamp lit by the doorsteps.  We had a lovely send off with both of our hosts.  One last look over the hill we´ve passed yesterday:

And then, it´s walk, walk and more walk.  Another day on the Camino.


  1. Love the photos of the single trees
    It looks like an amazing journey

  2. Ally: it's hard work, but very rewarding :)