Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Camino de Santiago. Week 3/4

Not many photos from the last week or so, as we've spent most of the time walking through roads through industrial towns.  It's hard to muster the will, or the inspiration to take photographs after kilometres and kilometres of urbanisation.

Thankfully, we got out of the city and back into the mountains and forests yesterday and here´s a few captures from today´s walk.

A cross not far from the end of Foncebadon.

Then the sunrise, soon after the cross.

Walking up to the cross on top of the hill, possibly my favourite photo from this trip thus far.  The backpack and the walker, leaving his mark on the dusty road.  Many people leave small tokens on this hill, a rock, a shirt, trinkets.  I left a little necklace that was given to me by Catherine at the first albergue at SJPP.  It had two charms on it: a key for opening doors and a Maria for protection.  It had served me well, and I felt it was appropriate to leave it there now.

Sunrise through the woods.  We turned around after leaving our momento on the cross and saw this amazing light.  What a day.

202.5km to Santiago. 


  1. Gosh they are absolutely beautiful photos Pauline, you're right the walker heading to the cross is quite striking, but I love the sunrise photo too.

  2. Thanks Marian :) Sometimes I can see the pictures so clearly before pressing the button. It was one of those very fortunate days.