Friday, 21 October 2011

Final days on the Camino

Not great photos, but really want to show you gorgeous Galicia, the last region we pass through the Camino.  Galicia sits behind a mountain and faces the Atlantic.  It's wet and cold in winter and the weather is unpredictable.  The effort was definitely worth it and saw sunrise above the valley, with hills that stretches as far as the eye could see.  The sun was burning red, caused by the recent bushfire in region.

We scaled the mountain from Villafranca early in the morning, and climbed for a few hours to see the valley below us.  We walked through lush forests that seems to go on forever and the floor was filled with chestnuts.  Oh, autumn is definitely the time to walk the Camino.

I think, this is my favourite region of the entire Camino.  Perhaps, passing through Eucalyptus forests on the last day reminded me of home, the cooler weather, the green forests, the fog, happy cows and calda gallego.  Oh, I have found a new love -- walking through the forest early in the morning, in silence, under the moon and stars.  No wonder the Camino such is a spiritual journey.

On the eve of the final day of the Camino, I can't but be sad that this journey is coming to an end. It's been challenging (horrendous weather, lead-like legs, bed bugs to just name a few), but it's been fun and have met some fantastic people.  Everyone has a reason to be on the Camino, and am lucky enough that a few have shared their stories with me.

I am yet to understand what had just happened and certainly need time for reflection.  To be honest, I still can't quite believe that the Camino is over, and that I have walked nearly 800km from one end of the country to another.  There's been nothing else quite like it.

I am planning on my next Camino already, and all I want to do is to keep walking...

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  1. They are stunning photos, it sounds like an amazing experience, I can't wait to hear more! Goodluck on your next adventure.