Sunday, 11 December 2011


farm:table is a little cafe right across from where I'm staying.  They serve lovely coffees, lunches and hard boiled egg sandwiches.  After a few days of Americano, I was looking for a place for great espressos.

I love tiny cafes (like Pigeon Hole!), but this takes it to the next level.  There is only one square table inside, shared seating, snuggled by an L-shaped bench.  Additional seating are on the street front, garden-variety iron tables.  There wasn't even enough room for the coffee accessories in the cafe -- they were on a shelf outside the door.

A tiny cabinet of the pastry sits next to the mirrored wall and the day's offerings are scribbled on a blackboard that makes up the pillar next to the counter/kitchen.  Pots and pans dangled from the ceiling, and the kitchen space, small but manages to fit 3 people in.  It's so damn cute!

I've had lunch there a few days ago -- farro with apple, baby cos and hazelnuts, dressed in a vineaigrette with a surprising sprinkle of rosemary.  It was good and very affordable.  Sadly, the broken lens refused to take a shot of the salad.

It may become my regular coffee joint.

P.S. There is a bread related story, drafting in my post list :)


  1. Looks delightful Pauline, hope your camera is better soon!

  2. I hope so :) I am compulsively checking the Canon website for update on my repairs...