Monday, 2 January 2012

Goodbye 2011

2011 ended with a bang, literally.  Locked out and without power to the garage door, we kicked out way into the house and spent a few hours huddling around the fireplace for warmth.

With power restored, we celebrated the New Year by cooking a small lunch for Cindy and Tom's family.  We've baked a few loaves of olive bread and made this gorgeous snakebite cake below.  It so good!  The cake was moist and chocolatey with a slight crust.  The best part was the pear cider frosting, all dribbling down the side so invitingly.

We went up to the Rocky Mountains today, to Estes Park.  The air was fresh and so cold that my fingers tingled despite the brilliant sun.  It was great to be up in the mountains again.  I took a few photos with the now working camera:

I'm sad that 2011 has ended and it's so strange to be up here, in the foothills of Colorado.  It feels like this has been one long dream.  Lost, without the regiment of work.  Maybe it's the snow outside the window.  Maybe, it's because it's been such an overwhelming year.

But what an adventurous year it has been: I've "sailed" to Adelaide (on a whim); walked the Camino (also on a whim) and slept in the Sahara desert.

I've been so damn lucky too: took photos at the Agrarian Kitchen and at Garagistes; worked at Pigeon Hole and loved every moment of it; met Chad at Tartine.

It was filled with many wonderful and not so wonderful moments: living with mum; crumbled completely at work; cooked at the Source Winterfeast; found a small orchard with my sister and bought some fruit in broken French; tasted delicate lavender ice cream and watched unforgettable street performances in Nice; first light at Sacre Coeur; getting lost all the time; physically and mentally broken at Najera; lost and found friends again; the intensely emotion walk into Santiago; shared a table with a stranger and had the best conversation outside Tartine, just to name a few...

All because of a small New Years resolution: throw caution to the wind and be more spontaneous.

I have a few resolution for this year, close to my heart and tucked away in my head.  I hope 2012 will be as fulfilling and as memorable as 2011.  I can't wait to see what it will bring.

Happy New Year :)


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  1. Lovely farewell to 2011! So glad to play a bit part in your eventful come again.

    Looking forward to your 2012 posts!