Sunday, 4 December 2011


Outerlands is a cafe close to Ocean Beach in San Francisco.  I'm especially interested in this cafe because David was one of the testers for the Tartine Bread book.  His bread is made differently from Tartine but is nevertheless sourdough, made using Chad's techniques.

Chad mentioned that I should try out his cafe, not only is his bread good, but his food is also excellent.  With a line up outside well before the shop opened this morning, it can only be a good sign.

The cafe is completely decorated with wood, in a fun and quirky way.  It reminded me of a tree house, especially with its narrow stairs that goes up into the office and wooden spice cabinet.  Why is it fun?  Because one of its dishes is called "eggs in jail"!  And to top that off, the staff were genuinely having fun.

So what did I have?  I had to try the bread, so I ordered some toast, with butter and persimmon jam.  This sourdough is baked in tin, making the curst much thinner on the bottom.  This gives a crispy crust, like bits of cheese that had escaped from your toasty crispiness.  The holes looks different too, but the bread is still packed full with flavour.  It's sourdough for sure, a little tangy, but not overly so.

But that's not all I had -- the thing that caught my eye was the grits.  How American can you get?

Warm creamy grits, with sautéed greens and poached egg.  It's comfort breakfast in a bowl.  I couldn't stop smiling with every bite.  I would go back there again, but alas, it is shut for the rest of the week, and won't be opened before I fly to my next spot.  But I'm really glad I got the chance to try out this place.

Maybe I should stay in San Francisco a little longer...

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  1. Mmm that looks delicious. I know I say it all the time but I can't wait to hear all about it and see all the photos. I miss your laugh at work.