Thursday, 22 December 2011

That's right...

The sensor has had a good clean and the lens has been fixed!

Featuring the brioche and butter pudding with cranberries (I think), from Tartine, of course.  It's every bit as delicious as it looks.  The bottom was all about the custard, topped with a lovely eggy bready pudding and finishes off with some vibrantly red, tart berries.  It's heaven in a cup.

It's good to have my camera back.


  1. oh I love bread and butter pudding in all forms! Have a lovely Christmas :-) Chlo x

  2. It was super eggy, and warm. Perfect afternoon treat on the shortest day of the year. Merry Christmas to you too! Let's catch up when I get back :)

  3. yeah the camera is better!! Best wishes for your Christmas Pauline, only 1 more sleep for me now!!

  4. Merry Christmas Marian! :)) It's a little early, but it is Christmas morning over there at home now. I've just called mum, thinking it was 4 in the *afternoon*. Whoops!