Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The cookie that started it all...

All boxed up for delivery

A cute comment from my friend on facebook, gave me the name to this blog.  In her words:

Choc cookies on the doorstep when I arrived home... you are a ... food-fairy!! xx.

So here it is, tada!  A blog, with a name. 

So where did these cookies come from?

One day, I chanced upon a few chocolate cookie recipes.  The Edible Society's salty sweet cookies noir, and the famous New York Times study on what makes the perfect cookie. I was dreaming of making salted chocolate cookies ever since I got a taste for them from the C&C Cupcake Factory.

I didn't have much hope.  More often than not, my baked goods have turned out mediocre.  But as I read through the NYT post, the joy and enthusiasm was overwhelming.  I had to give it a go.  The importance of keeping the cookie batter cold, and giving it time to mellow and develop flavour is paramount -- it makes or breaks the cookie.  This was a revelation (impatient me would have never waited)!

The kitchen smelt good to my empty belly, as it baked after a long sleep in the fridge.  It was still anyone's guess on how they'll turn out.  Then after 12 minutes of waiting, I got them out from the oven, and waited a little.  The cookie started to sink, and cracked and started to look, well, cookie like. Oh, this is looking good, I thought.  Then I ate one.

I have never ever made cookies like this.  Crispy round the edges, chewy in the middle, and every bite was sweet, yet boldly salty, with a caramel-like dough.  The cookie sent me jumping and squealing around the kitchen with joy.  Even mum was happy (which was rare)!

I was completely giddy with joy (or maybe it's the sugar high?) and one thought ran through my mind:  I must share them.  The first victim was my favourite cafe (Pigeon Hole), where I had to pick up some Easter buns that morning from the cafe anyhow, so might as well...  A little embarrassingly, nervously, but unable to contain my joy, I handed my little babies over to the staff.  They were so sweet -- not only did they accept the cookies, they also gave me a little loaf of their delicious bread to take home.  I couldn't be happier :)  The rest of them went to my colleagues, as I coerced them to take one, door by door. 

But what I liked best is the above comment.  There's nothing quite like leaving some food by your friend's doorstep, and know that they were happily surprised, and have enjoyed the food you've made, with your own hands.

This is the making of a new hobby...