Monday, 9 January 2012

Last day as a tourist

That's it.  Four and a half months had come and gone so quickly, yet it seemed so long ago.

My friend Colleen took me around the city.  First Manhattan, then Brooklyn to see the other side of New York.  I adored Park Slope, a little bit Haight Ashbury but with a NY slant.  Hm... maybe I could live in New York (completely ignoring the outrageous rents and all).

I loved the Union Square market, full of interesting produce and came away with a little jar of maple syrup and some purple popping corn.  I didn't get any of the dried chillies, fearing that they won't make it past the customs, but took a picture anyway.

We also visited another market next to the city ice skating rink, right next to the amazing New York Public Library.  There, we've found a shop that make these ridiculous and cute looking bear gloves.  Had to go back and get them the next day.

The next day, we walked around a bit more (a lot more actually!) across the Brooklyn Bridge.  I saw the Statue of Liberty off into the distance.

And on the Brooklyn side, we saw a squirrel, my last shot on the camera.

I'm catching a flight back home tonight, back to the future, back to reality.  It's been a blast, and I've learnt a little about myself.

And I am scheming for my next trip already.


  1. Have a great trip home! We so enjoyed sharing in a bit of your vacation/trip! You must come back!

    Park Slope is lovely, Laura lived there for about four fun to visit.

    Where is the picture of the bear gloves?

  2. Those chillies look like they'd be too hot for me!
    I can't believe you're on your way home! see you soon, can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Cindy: thank you so much for having me! I agree, if I could live in NY, it would definitely have to be Park Slope. I'll post a picture of it up soon -- it's protecting the macaroni shells I made with Colleen!

    Marian: see you on Monday, bright and early! ;)