Monday, 12 March 2012


I had a busy long weekend, cooking endless donuts and helping out at the Agrarian Kitchen's MoMA stall.  Jars of jams and pickles were on offer, including quails eggs from Stacey's dad, John.  But the item that stole the show was the goats milk dulce de leche.  No photos of them I'm afraid, as I was too busy eating it out of the jar serving customers.  It was gone all too soon!

If you were at the market, then you would have seen these giant tomatoes, currently nicknamed "Richard's mystery Italian tomatoes".  They were used to make the tomato ketchup and the same ones we used in the pasta masterclass.  I bought a bottle and am dreaming of the perfect pie to have it with.

It was a complete success -- only a few bottles of sauce and pickles left by the end of the day, so packing up was pretty quick.

Not such a bad way to spend Saturday, listening to music and talking to people about food.  It's one of my favourite markets to visit and will surely miss it after April.

Please, please, please bring it back next summer.


  1. I haven't been yet but would definitely like to before it finishes :)

    1. It's a great way to spend the afternoon :) I haven't been back in the museum since last year and must go back in.