Thursday, 22 March 2012

Two more sleeps

I've been baking non-stop at home over the last few weeks.  Trying out recipes and rejigging new ways to make them.  I had fried doughnuts coming out of my ears last week.

Why am I going nuts?  Because there's only two more sleeps till I work in a bakery.

A couple of weeks ago, Jay floated the idea of baking a few sweet treats at his bakery, on weekends.  I thought about it for all of... 2 seconds and agreed straight away.  A bakery!  For real! 

I'm so nervous I can hardly sleep.  Actually, it's making me feel a little nauseous...  I've been on a roller coaster over the last few weeks, flipping between sugar highs and then depressing lows when experiments inevitably failed.  I feel like an imposter more than ever.  What the hell am I doing?
I've been to the bakery earlier this week and am pretty excited.  There's a big shiny deck oven where all the baking will take place and can't wait to see it in action.  There were a few presents too: a kickass rolling pin, cookie cutters, one fine pastry brush and a deep fryer.  Soon, there will be a mini fridge for cookies and a bench for me to work on. 

I'll be behind the wooden doors at the Pigeon Whole Bakers (I love the name so much) this Sunday, selling amazing sourdoughs and a few sweet treats.  These cookies will be featured, and Jay has a few other cookies on his mind.  Who knows what we'll make on the day?

Here's the details on the grand opening:

Sunday 25th March
9am - 1pm

Pigeon Whole Bakers
138 Hopkins Street

Hope to see you there :]


  1. I would walk five hundred miles for one of those cookies. Or for a handful, because one is never enough.

  2. How brilliant! I'm walking distance so if I'm about I'll drop by :)

  3. So exciting for you. I'll see if we can pop into town...

  4. I can't believe you had fried doughnuts coming out of your ears and you didnt bring your ears over here :)

  5. Go Pauline! Great to see you following your dreams. You'll be ace as a baker, because you love food. I hope today went well and you had fun x