Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Quick Sydney Trip

Last week I had a little trip to Sydney as part of a yearly work conference, and took a few days off on the side to have a bit of down time.  I was lucky enough to have @Lemopi to guide me around great eateries in Sydney CBD.  I think I have found my food exploring soulmate -- not only did we have dinner at one of the best Thai restaurants ever (Spice I Am), we had two lots of desserts afterwards.  Gelato Messina was absolutely amazing.  I ogled at the display for a great few minutes before settling on the hamburger.  It was the pressed cucumber that was pretending to be a piece of lettuce that got me.  It got predictably messy at the end. 

We also went to Sculpture by the Sea the next day.  It was a lovely and sunny day, but boy was it windy!  The waves were pretty incredible, especially by the pool.  We ambled through the crowd and took photos of the sculptures.  It was good to be taking photos again.  I haven't touched the camera for months, and it felt a little strange and heavy in my hands. 

One of my favourite piece was the wind charm installation.  It was a dynamic piece that moved and sang with the wind.  You can feel it the vibrations through the ground if you stand close enough. 

Despite suffering sun stroke from Bondi Beach, I capitalised on the monthly Pyrmont farmer's market.  It's full of producers, and it's always great to see locals doing their grocery shopping there.  Definitely worth a visit if you're in Sydney and it's on.  We breakfasted on some bakery goods and this amazing rhubarb and pork roll (where the pig was spit roasted on site!)  Yeap.  Pork for breakfast, and it was a treat! 

More travels to come soon, and it's promising to be a deliciously bread-filled one.


  1. Fantastic photos Pauline! I love so many of them (as well as the chanel hangbag in one). That first shot is so so good and how cute is that dog!

  2. The dog is pretty cute :) He/she was having a go at those veggies hanging out of the basket!

  3. Such gorgeous pictures! Especially that first one. Wish I'd made it to the markets with you, but hopefully you'll be back again in the near future.

    1. Thank you! The first one is my favourite photo of the day too. It was so windy! I'll be back there soon enough :) So many more places to eat at, and I haven't been to the Eveleigh market yet!