Monday, 17 June 2013


I love wontons, a lot. This is the stuff of my childhood. If bread is the benchmark for living cost, then wonton is the equivalent for me. My favourite variation is made with bok choi; a Shanghainese take on these bundles. I've been growing bok choi this year. All but a few have bolted during the dry spell last week, rendering the leaves tough and old. This is a great way to eat them.

I always make them with twice as much greens as you think you'll need, and just a small handful of pork mince.  Boil them for a few minutes and eat with a dash of soy and sesame oil. They'll go well in a good stock too, but depressingly, I used them all up last week.

There's nothing fancy about these wontons, but it's light and quick to make. The nostalgic factor is unbeatable.

What do you cook from your childhood? I think I'll be exploring more of this.

Sunday, 2 June 2013


Just a really quick post today! I've harvested these forgotten parsnips from the garden. I love the smell of freshly dug vegetable. It's heady, and addictive. I dug these up with my hands, delving deep into the black stuff, pulling them up gently and firmly.

It always makes me sad that so many people are frightened by dirt. A friend who once said they hated cleaning potatoes and would only buy bags of cleaned potatoes. There is really nothing to be frightened of. Once cleaned up in the sink (or in the garden), they are better than anything store bought. I've come to love soil, on my hands, under my nails and in my kitchen sink. It's a life affirming experience and makes you look at humble vegetables in a new light.

So get out there, and get your hands dirty. It's not frightening. it's exciting and rewarding.

Now, what delicious things should I cook with them?