Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Agrarian Experience -- first look

My mum loves cooking.  No, I mean.  loooooooooves cooking.  When I was asked by Severine to take some photos for their Agrarian Experience class, I asked mum to join me for the day.

That's my mum making bread there!  I think the photo says it all -- she was pretty happy :) 

Oh oh oh.  We've had a taste of fresh honey, right where it's made.

Sorry about the quick post.  But it was a fantastic day, and couldn't wait to share some photos.  More to come, really soon.

By the way, it's a year exact;y since my first blog post!


  1. Yum! I've always wanted to do an Agrarian Kitchen class, but as a "special dietary requirements" freak (who spends all her money on travel) I'm yet to manage it. How was it?

    Love the photo of your Mum!

  2. It was great, as *always* :)

    Sev always asks about dietary requirements when you book in, so I would suggest you talk to her first. Today, one of the guests is currently pregnant, so there's a few things that she can't have, but since we were cooking, it's easy to leave things out. The ingredients are also from trusted sources, plus veggies freshly plucked from the garden, it's actually easier to work around. You'll abbbbsolutely love their farm, since you're such a keen gardener yourself!!

    Do please go. It really is an experience.

    Yes, I think mumsy was pretty happy :)