Friday, 24 February 2012

Recent photos

A few recent shots of Pigeon Hole.  These have missed the magazine boat, but you can never have too many photos of this great cafe.  Many thanks to Cat who had breakfast with me early in the morning, and kindly let me take photos of her.

From top to bottom: doorway to some great coffee and breakfast; Cat -- model extraordinaire; Frankin peaches -- enough said; eggs, glorious, eggs; the coffee that gets me out of bed and just baked sourdough (yum!)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Edible flowers

Just a really short post today, but wanted to share a quick picture and a new love: edible flowers.  Aren't they just so pretty?   This beauty is anise hyssop from Provenance Grower at the Tas Farm Gate market.  It makes a lovely blue tea -- sweet, and tasted like aniseed with a bit of a bite. 

I might just have to have a play with them.  Good thing it's a long weekend!

Friday, 10 February 2012

I love Saturdays

Essential coffee and toastie from Pigeon Hole, then MoMa for some fun: edible flowers (last week); beautiful jams; more pretty flowers; the start of the tomato glut; world-class sashimi; lightning quick life drawing sessions; goat filled Moroccan bread.

Life is good, and is exciting, and is shifting.

After much brooding, thinking, and negotiating, it's finally settled.  I'll be working at Garagistes as a dish dog on Wednesdays, starting next week. 



Wait :)