Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lost photos from Santiago

Apologies for the late of updates lately.  I haven't had much time to take photos, let alone, blog about them.

Months after my trip's over I'm still culling photos from my laptop.  Going back through the photos, I realised I never posted any photo from Santiago.  These were taken the day after the walk, on a spectacular autumn afternoon. 

The last day I set out early at 5:30 and was awake way before the alarm beeped.  My last walk through the forest in complete darkness.  I can still remembered getting a little teary as I saw Santigo from the last hill.  I struggled to speak to a fellow pilgrim while getting my book stamped.  All too soon, I could no longer see the arrows.  Lost (again)?  But then, I saw the cathedral, a many of my fellow pilgrims have stopped.  They looked at me and nodded, and I realised that it was all over.

And boy, did I cry.  They cried with me too, amongst lots of hugs and kisses.

I left Santiago in the morning, early, just before sunrise.  The cathedral square was quiet except for the sound of the simple hymn sung by a lone pilgrim.  Her voice was pure and had this amazing strength, that was at times delicate and spirited.  I sat down to listen while the song carried through the square, the same words and sounds echoed endlessly. 

It was definitely an unforgettable experience.